People make companies successful

That is our firm belief.Their working environment is constantly changing – and handling this is not always easy. As consultants and interim managers, we provide competent and pragmatic advice and support to founders, entrepreneurs and investors.


You start a business

and need professional feedback or coaching. Are you looking for financing to make your dream a reality or to support further growth? Or you are already successful, but need help to develop your organisational structures and processes?

GREYCON supports founders & start-ups by critically scrutinizing their business model and successfully aligning, implementing and scaling it in the marketplace. We engage with all business sizes and sectors, adding value where our competence aligns with the business needs.


You run a business

and are confronted with consequences of market changes, new legislation and technological advances. You have to adapt, seek the opportunities and adjust your organisation?

GREYCON supports organisational change processes. We put your company to the test and implement an effective reorganisation – according to your needs and together with your employees.


You are looking for investments

in the German market – or are you already invested and need support for your company?

GREYCON assists investors in the search for suitable investments (scouting), ensures their investments are on course (interim management) and evaluates (due diligence and business valuation) the target companies.

Company Presentation

The GREYCON company presentation can be downloaded here:  GREYCON Company Presentation - compressed

Company Presentation
Company Presentation









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